explore, like never before.

“The ride and performance of this amazing little craft are exceptional”

Paul Lemmer
Technical Editor
Powerboat & RIB Magazine

“Remarkable craft that genuinely push the boundaries of small boat design”

Hugo Montgomery Swan
Powerboat & RIB Magazine

“It’s a very neat little craft that has serious potential for the tender market”

Hugo Andrea
Motorboat & Yachting

“Safer in extreme seas than most 20 footers” 

Mikael Mahlberg
Vi Båtägare

explore, like never before.

Welcome to C-Fury, the most versatile and highly capable compact Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) in the world.

Regardless of what you want to do on water be it on a lake, on the coast or at sea a C-Fury will work for you.

built to exceed expectation.

Designed from the keel up to bring a new level of capability to small craft and enable new uses.

Unrivalled stability, ride quality, sea keeping, comfort, control and dryness in a compact package.

I want a boat.

C-Fury is an ideal craft for leisure pastimes on water, it is designed for versatility and is easy to launch, tow and store.

So, you want to explore the coastline, have rapid transport, dive, waterski, wakeboard, tow inflatables or fish.

You can do all of the above also as a yacht tender and carry 5 passengers.

I need a boat.

C-Fury is an ideal workboat. Tow it to your job or keep it in port on a Versadock or operate it off a mothership.

C-Fury is compact therefore easy to lift with slings and to launch and recover.

Transfer crew and equipment, conduct sonar or visual surveys, security patrols, safety boats plus lots more.

C-Fury Patrol