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C-Fury Yacht

Sophisticated hydrodynamics
Unrivalled seakeeping
Exceptional stability
Dry ride
Custom designed seating
Versatile layout

Owning a yacht gives freedom on the water to explore the coastlines and oceans. You require a tender that will match the aspirations of the yacht and to perform many functions in support; Transferring crew to shore, Water sports, Coastal exploration, Day and night usage, Resupplying the mothership.



The C-Fury multi-mode seating enables
quick changes to the craft role.

     Guest – Seating for 7 adults for leisurely commute to shore.

     Provisioning – Seating for 4 adults and storage to hold provisions.

     Watersport – Seating for 4 adults with deck space for equipment.

The website is currently being upgraded as we finalise details on the new phase 2 craft.
There will be a lot more information available shortly.

Please check back in a few weeks or email: sales@c-fury.com for details.