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C-Fury Patrol

Sophisticated hydrodynamics
Unrivalled seakeeping
Driver focused ergonomics
Custom designed seating
Versatile deck layout
For the whole family

Owning a boat is about having fun on the water with your friends and family.

The C-Fury is designed to excel in multiple water conditions so you could go out even when conditions are not ideal and explore.

Designed as a system with purpose configured trailer and fitted road covers, there are C-Fury customers who regularly tow round the UK and to the South of France and back. Shallow launch and easy to recover on the roller bunks, getting to the waters edge and then launching and recovering has never been so easy.

Explore a lake, estuary or coastline,
the C-Fury takes it all in it’s stride.

Unique design, styling, layout and driving experience gives a Patrol (AWC) a feel of a much large craft in terms of stability and sea keeping – but with the performance and agility of a personal water craft PWC.

Versatile deck layout with driver and pillion sitting on a forward jockey which makes high performance driving very thrilling whilst maintaining a perfect craft balance and safety. When loaded with passengers in the stern it provides optimum helming position and control.

Unrivalled hull, with aggressive catamaran and hydrofoil configuration giving effortless cruise in a short nasty wind blown chop to 1m and high speed sprints in flatter conditions. When out in >2m swells the boat just goes with it and stays very level and controlled.

The website is currently being upgraded as we finalise details on the new phase 2 craft.
There will be a lot more information available shortly.

Please check back in a few weeks or email: sales@c-fury.com for details.